Leading organizations rely on having the right talent doing the right job. Finding the best match for your firm requires that we understand your company and its people.

Establishing a close working relationship, we identify the need, establish a comprehensive recruitment plan and undertake the responsibility of identifying, securing and presenting candidates that best meet your needs.

Through more than thirty years of experience in search and recruitment we have built an extensive network of contacts. Using our comprehensive sourcing approach we can quickly identify attractive candidates for your firm. Assignments are not committed to lightly. Once we have agreed to a recruitment project we guarantee the results.

We specialize in both executive search and contingency recruitment. Our firm will discuss your needs with you and offer the choice to you, as our client.

We specialize in searches in the areas of:

We recommend that finalist candidates complete a Harrison Assessment. This provides the Employer with practical suggestions for retaining and developing the new employee; as well as key work behavioral tendencies which gives suggestions for the most effective way of communicating with and managing your new team member. You can read more about Harrison Assessments in the tab titled, Leadership Development & Assessments.